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  • Solar Panel
    Panels are designed for high performance & reliability
  • Structure
    Highest grade material used for strength & longer life
  • Inverter
    World class inverter made out of top class components
  • Electrical Kit
    Top quality of electrical kit to ensure safety
  • Installation
    Qualified & trained technicians installing the system
  • Configuration
    Precision driven configuration process
  • Online Monitoring
    Remote monitoring system to ensure optimum performance

  • SPV system registration at Nodal Agency
  • Design finalization
  • Transportation & insurance
  • Installation
  • Stand Alone SPV System approval from Electrical Board
  • Application to DisCom for Net-Metering
  • Performance monitoring & regular inspections

  • Almost Zero Maintenance Cost for Lifetime
    The system functions without any battery so virtually there is no running cost involved
  • Custom Design
    System can be installed on almost all kind of surfaces without any hassle
  • Reliable
    Designed to withstand harsh weather conditions & last for decades
  • Smart Control
    Auto adjusts load, safe for all kinds of equipments and can be monitored online.
  • Easy Installation
    System can be easily integrated in to the existing wiring
  • Wide Choice
    A wide range of products are available based on project need

  • No maintenance & easy to install
  • Real time system monitoring
  • Nearly 50% money back in first year itself
  • Tax saving
  • States govt. benefits / central govt benefits
  • Net-Metering facility provided by DisCom
  • Feed in Tariff (FiT) with zero tax for 10 years
  • Savings on electricity bill
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